21-days Spiritual Speed Growth Program

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Get ready to jumpstart you spiritulal process!

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life?

Whether life is dull and meaningless or you struggle to keep yourself floating, it's time to move on to the next chapter.

On a global scale, humanity has entered a space of uncertainty, darkness, doubt and fear.

Shamans call this the void.

We worry about the very existence because of the environmental situation. We worry about economy and health.

Many of us experience loneliness and isolation.

We’re getting exhausted of pessimism and fanatism.

But hey! Let's change the mindset and pump up our spiritual resources. You may use this opportunity to grow!

You may listen, face your challenges and go through this void!

Towards the new light.

Into a new landscape that offers new solutions, new angles, new wisdom.

For you and for humanity!

Going through the void offers realities where the heart and mind are operating together. Looking at life from a higher perspective.

This is what we need globally as well. Seen from my perspective.

This is why I, Silja, challenge you to join me on this

21 Day Spiritual Speed Growth program

- Boosting your Spiritual journey!

(even if you’re feeling more lost than ever)

You have a purpose! And you can use troubled thoughts for growth and to strengthen your connection to the universe. It benefits us all!

You can create self-esteem based on awareness, love, and inner security.

For me, this is a spiritual calling.

A calling to act according to both heart and mind.

We need spirituality to come home.

We need spirituality to feel safe.

We need spirituality to change the world!

Who am I?

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I am Silja Winther and have been teaching spirituality and self-development for over 30 years.

It all began with my imaginary friends as a child, who soon became my guides. I saw and heard things others didn't see and hear. For most people this passes, for me they stayed.

For more than 30 years, I have been in contact with my spiritual guides. Unlike many who talk to the deceased, my guides are most interested in teaching me universal concepts.

About the 12 energies of the Universe and how we can make use of them.

About frequencies and dimensions, and the reality that is so much bigger than we like to think.

I am deeply grateful for this contact.

And right now, my closest guide Hilarion is concerned that 'light workers' around the world must learn to come back to the experience of oneness. He believes we must learn to use challenges for growth to create an immediate change. Using more than our 3 dimensional reality.

I am very inspired by his optimism!

(For more information about me and mine, see: www.zikey.energy)

My work is about allowing love to flow.

And to illuminate. Spread light. Consciousness.

I want to inspire you to grow even when the challenges are many.

Not in spite of, but because of challenges and resistance!

So in fact, this is the perfect time for spiritual super-growth.

How does the program take place?

Every day for 21 days you will receive an email straight in your inbox (so you don't have to face any technical hurdles).

It will tell you exactly what to focus on each day.

You will get small and easy tasks that will make a huge difference!

You may answer and send me questions whenever you want during the course. And we will have spesific days for energetically joined meditations each from the comfort of your own home.

Much of the material is based on channelings from my guide Hilarion.

(I'm also sharing some channelings in their original form to support your process.)

Here's what you'll learn during the 21 days of this program:

Strengthen connection to your spiritual source

Increase self-esteem from within

Experience more control of your life and direction

Changing the perception of fear

Enhance your own spiritual growth for the good of all

Working together with other light-workers for the future on this planet

Right now, you will have personal access to me throughout the entire program! (For later groups, this may be automated). You can ask questions and share your experiences along the way.

You will also be invited to a Facebook group where you can share experiences with others.

The investment for these 21 days is really 229$. But because I truly believe that we need to collaborate on a common light-work in this time, I want to make this accessible to everyone. (I hope, of course, that your personal growth and development is worth more to you than $10 a day!)

The power of community, when it comes to spiritual development, is priceless.

That's why I'm passionate about getting as many people involved in this light-work as possible!

Therefore, I've decided to offer the entire program for much less than half the price right now.

That means you can join at this moment for as little as $79 !!!

21 days of daily teaching and joint assignments delivered via email.

Don't ever get lost!

For $2,60 a day!!

I hope your spiritual development is worth much, much more than that :-)

So, join me today!



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