The development of the

12 Energetic Laws of this Universe in YOU

(And how to re-align them)

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Guess what, I don't know about you, but I want my higher awareness to lead the way!

Seing myself or my world throught the eyes of my ego allows me to see a limited view of the world. Using my awareness on a higher level will make me see more, understand more, and learn why others see it differently.

Let me refrace that.

From the top of the pyramid we simply get a better overview.

Therefore to me, it's alpha omega to learn how to climb the pyramid.

To see that there are different kinds of energetic laws of this universe, all for a purpose.


To be able to move deeper into my own spiritual growth every day!

Personally I use this system that I've learned from my spiritual guides, Zikey, daily.

It helps me understanding myself and others better.

It helps me find direcction.

And most impotantly, it helps me be guided by my higher awareness and love.

Thats why I created THE ALPHA OMEGA PYRAMID, - a video based course!

This is a way to explain the development of these different energetic laws in you throughout your childhood and work on aligning these 3 levels today!

It helps you strengthen the foundation.

It helps you let go of emotional patterns that doesn't work for you anymore.

It helps you align your ego to your soul, and let your higher awareness lead you!

During this course we'll be looking at all the 12 Energetic Laws of this Universe, - through your own development.

One level each week.




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How will this work?

For the next 3 weeks we'll be diving into both videos and ebooks. And you and me will be in close contact!

Each Monday you’ll get an email with the link to a video that explains the Energetic laws of each level. It’ll be about 30 min long, and you'll learn how it all relates to you personally.

Each Tuesday you’ll get one chapter of the eBook with the diagrams and related text. This can be downloaded and printed out. Here you’ll get all the basic content of the video and see the illustrations plus your weekly exercise.

Each Thursday you’ll get an email from me with a few questions on your progress. This is for me to keep in close contact with you and thus be able to help you move forward in your process.

You're also free to take an energy test that can give you an indication of which energetic laws you are familiar with and which you may improve. This is useful to see yourself more clearly and get the maximum benefits out of this course.

So, what do you get?

3 long videos with explanations, examples and diagrams

3 chapters of the e-book giving you all the materials to keep

Weekly exercises to re-align you to your soul

Personal advice and guidance througout the entire course

Right now I'm offering Alpha Omega with this personal access to me. Later I plan to make it more automated, as I have a lot of new channelings to do, and work to fulfill.

This first round will be on OFFER for the next few days as well.

The actual price is $449, which is quite a small investment for a lot of material and my guidence all the way.

But I'll make it even easier for you to join me right now!

Enter The Alpha Omega Pyramid: The development og the12 Energetic Laws of this Universe in YOU (And how to re-align them)

RIGHT NOW for only $ 249

I'm so exited! Join me NOW and let's get started Monday!



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Divine Love Meditation

Divine Love Meditation

This is a 32 min meditation for Self Love and inner focus. Music by Ivar Winther. Guided by Silja Winther
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